brakes are killing my engine!

just bought a vespa ciao for some fun.

When i pull either of the brake handles just a little bit, it kills the engine. The bike runs great, and idles great, but the second i touch either brake handle it stops.

It almost seems to me like maybe the brake light cable is shorted out to the engine kill line? Or is it supposed to do that and just out of adjustment?


Re: brakes are killing my engine!

the brake wires somehow shorting to the kill switch wires is the first thing i would check too..

but i learned something from my own bikes and from these forums.. You never know what sort of odd, weird mechanisms and systems are on these mopeds.. can't take anything for granted.

If nobody volunteers exact information, find an owner's manual and a wiring diagram. .. well, find one anyway.

Try the "Resources" thing up at the top of the page.

Re: brakes are killing my engine!

When that happens on a Sebring, the brake light bulb is burned out. Niot the tailklight, the brake light. don-ohio

Re: brakes are killing my engine!

As Joe and Don said it is the brake light. The Bulb is a dual filament bulb, so if you remove it and look closely you will see two filaments or one with the other burned out.

To temporarily fix the problem, disconnect one wire from each brake switch by the brake light levers. Since you don't have a brake light anyway, at least it will keep your engine from dying when you stop. However for safety reasons and law reasons this is only a temp solution so find a new brake light bulb.

Re: brakes are killing my engine!

Thanks,Zippy! I am always glad when you post about Puchs and Vespas and other mopeds. You know the stuff about them! don-ohio (:^)

Re: brakes are killing my engine!

Thanks Don but I learned a lot from you and other guys on this and other forums. Manuals help too.

BTW I got those Grandes that were on the Moped BBS, see pic


Re: brakes are killing my engine!

well i put in a new bulb into the taillight - an 1157 - i really dont know which bulb it takes but thats the standard 2 filament light bulb. Maybe this bulb draws to much current?

It seems now like it doesnt stall as quickly as before, but still will when i pull the brakes. Ive gone and disconnected the wires from the handles so i can drive it for now, but like you said - only temporary.

Re: brakes are killing my engine!

Use an 1154 bulb and that will solve the problem..It did on one of mine...good luck!

Re: brakes are killing engine...

Thanks,Zippy! I wondered if you'd buy those? They are BEAUTIFUL `peds! I hope I didn't run the price UP on you, but the guy deserved good money from them,it seemed to me? Thanks! don-ohio (:^D

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