express sr starter, in seattle

i want to get the electric starter working on my ped. im sure i will more than likely need a new battery. the kick starter works great, just nothing happens when i press the starter button. its a bummer.

any tips for this? if someone in Seattle to federal way could get it working, im sure we could work something out.

any type of help would be swell tho.


Casey Halone /

i did get it to make a noise last night when i tried it with the battery charged, after i went for a short ride. i dont know what these should sound like, but mine is quiet.

Re: update!!!

what is quiet? the starter motor?

starter motors should be silent. but they do require a LOT of current and need a fully charged battery. If yours spins at all you are probably OK.. just need a good battery.

If it doesnt spin, bypass all your electrical stuff by connecting the starter directly to a seperate good battery of the correct voltage. If it's a 12volt system, use a charged automobile battery.

If it works then something is wrong with your wiring.. or a switch or something.

Re: update!!!

Casey Halone /

ill try using jumper cables from my truck. that should be fine right?

i know its a 12v system. i have leds from my computer hooked up to it. bitchin.

Re: update!!!

yeah.. that will work. I have a spare battery hooked to a charger that i use. I bought it just before i junked the car it was for.

Re: update

Casey Halone /

alright. i went into the honda shop on capitol hill. they tested my cdi and its fine, so looks like ill need to rebuild my starter motor. and get new brushes.

super freindly shop, id recomend them to anyone. it was pretty hot outside when i went in, and they offered me a glass of water. good times. i bought some contact cleaner there to flush my motor out. hopefully its not beyond a rebuild.

Re: update

Damn.. bad luck.. and those brushes are internal on most of these little starter motors.. Hopefully all it is is worn brushes. Might also be worth replacing some bushings or bearings or whatever you find in there if you can track down some parts.

Honda sold me a Clymer Manual that outlines the complete proceedure for rebuilding the starter motor on my C70 Passport. You may find something similar for your bike.

Re: update

Casey Halone /

i know. i may take it apart tommarow if i get some time.

then measure my brushes. i have the manual and it has all the service limits. rock.


Casey Halone /

starts on first button press. awesomeo. electric starts rule.

Re: done!

very cool.. yeah, it rules.

i have a 70cc 4-stroke with electric start, semi-auto 3-speed, electronic ignition and other goodies.. quiet.. powerful.. would love to somehow bolt that puppy to my little moped..

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