chipped piston?

There's a small chip at the bottom of the piston skirt and I'm wondering if it will affect performance? I was told if I file it down so there's no sharp edges I'll be ok. Not sure though. Let me know if you know anything.

Re: chipped piston?

the chip is nothing.. people hack the crap out of piston skirts all the time for lots of reasons. Smooth over the edges if you fel like it..

I'd be more worried about how it got chipped.

Re: chipped piston?

Yep. Find where that chiped piece went. If it is in your crank case it could ruin your engine.

Re: chipped piston?

which bike is this off of? How old is it? The chip would effected by the porting of the cylinder. If that part of the piston is ever opening a port, it will make a difference, one way or the other. As for why it happened, well, maybe its jst old and brittle. Do you use a lot of starter fluid?

Re: chipped piston?

Dan Beeson /

Actually, it's from a friend of mine's old Peugeot 102. He decided to take the engine apart,but when he did the piston dropped and hit the crankcase...resulting in a chip that aligns with the intake port. Will that still affect anything? thanks!

Re: chipped piston?

Gregory Mcintire /

That depends on the size of the chip and whether or not it has a reed valve induction. If there is NO reed valve and if the chip is large enough it can make a very significant difference. The bottom of the piston is what opens and closes the intake port. Its timing (determined by the port's position) works in harmony with the timing of the other ports. Generally, if you cut the bottom off the piston skirt at the intake side, it raises the RPM of the power band and makes it perform worse in the low RPM range. Raising the piston skirt a couple milimeters or more at the intake side makes a noticable difference.

Re: chipped piston?

It really is too bad that its off the intake side. It might end up helping you out, though. I have the intake side of my piston filed down to increase gas-air flow to the chamber. You could file the piston until the chip is a flat cut-out with rounded edges the same width as your intake post.

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