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How do I get my puch newport to go a little faster?! I have it going about 25 mph and it should top out around 30. I have a brand new carb so I don't need to clean that and I just don't know what to do....someone help me please

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Is the carb 14mm bore? If it's a 1.5 hp it only goes 25 max and the intake is 12mm, but if you have a 2 hp, the intake and carb are 14mm and the bike will go 30.

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You make no mention as to whether or not you cleaned your exhaust. A pluggeg muffler is one of the primary reasons a small two stroke motor will lose performance.

To clean it remove it from the bike. Completely disassemble it and scrape out all the holes in the 2 inner baffle tubes. Then scrape any carbon buildup from the exhaust port of the cylinder. Reassemble and enjoy your newfound power.

To get the larger aluminum inner baffle tube out you will probably need to use a long (2 -3feet or so) wooden stick. Insert it into the front end of the main muffler and drive the baffle out the rear end by tapping the stick with a hammer.

No amount of any cleaning agent you dump into the muffler will clean the baffle tube holes. You need to take it apart and physically scrape out the holes. The hardest part of the job is getting it all apart but that isn't bad if you drive it out with a stick such as a broom handle.


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Heya Eric,

I too own a newport, do you have a 2 horsepower, 2 speed model? If you do, check your throttle cable, if the adjuster is too tight, it will idle high and take away from your max speed. You can find a manual here,


That will tell you the tolerances for the throttle cable.

(I say to check this, because I was only getting 25 out of my 2spd2hp newport after rebuilding the carb, because my cable was too tight)

Hope that helps!


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