Anyone wanna help me out with how one cleans their points? I'm lost..

Re: Points

Also my shitbag 'ped wont idle.. got any idea on that one ?


Are you going to give us a hint as to the Make/Model/year of your Moped?

Re: Points

i remember reading somwhere that you open up the points, take a piece of sanpaper, and let the points close down on them, and pull the sandpaper out. do this several times until all the corrosion is gone.

can somone back me up on this?


this may help, i was wrong about the sandpaper:

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Date Posted: 06-17-04 09:44

There are such a things as a

Re: correction

yeah thats what im thinkin about.. gettin new points.. hmm.. and incase you guys still care.. its a Garelli Rally Sport SL '81 i believe?

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