mobylette problems

I've got a 1970 mobylette with some problems. I'm able to get it started ok but cannot open the throttle all the way. I tend to loose all power when I do and the engine dies. I can only ride the bike with the throttle slightly open.

WHen the moped does cut out it needs to sit for a while before it will start again with ease.

The throttle and choke seem to be in working order. The carbs been cleaned. I'm missing the plastic air filter on the carb.??????

Any thoughts/ideas regarding the problem and possible parts that may fix the problem. Thanks.


Re: mobylette problems


The problem with your Moby is the air filter or lack of. Most mopeds and 2 stoke motors need back-pressure to operate all 3 of my mopeds (a honda, motobecane and Vespa) all did the same as yours without the air filter, get one and you'll see a HUGE difference,


Re: mobylette problems

It might be running lean and getting hot. Try adding a little choke to see if you can open the throttle farther. If so , it is probable starved for gas.

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