Engaging the clutch w/o cable?

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows a trick to get a peddle start bike to start with a broken clutch cable, the cable is still attached, it broke at the handle (which seems to be a common ailment on this bike...)

Anyone know a way to get the clutch to engage so that I can get the bike started and get to work and back tomorrow?

I should get the cable friday....

Thanks in advance,


Re: Engaging the clutch w/o cable?

Gregory Mcintire /

The answer to your question is very dependant on what make and model you have!

Re: Engaging the clutch w/o cable?

Randall F /

Oh, damn, sorry!

The bike in question is a 1980 puch newport(very similar to maxi) 2 speed!

Re: Engaging the clutch w/o cable?

Gregory Mcintire /

The 1-speed is easy to do without a cable but the 2-speed isn't. The easiest way I can think would be to take off the magneto flywheel cover then wrap a long belt around the flywheel and pull it like a starter rope. You may need to duct tape the end of the belt to the flywheel, but it should come free when your pull has extended the belt.

Remember that the flywheel turns the same direction as the wheels on the 2-speed. It turns opposite the wheels on the 1-speed.

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