77 Vespa bravo with problems

Lee Suzuki /

I just inherited a 77 vespa bravo that hasn't been started in 10 years. I was wondering

-How does one start the thing

-what does the black handle on the left do (attaches to cylinder head)

-Any tips for getting it in working shape



Re: 77 Vespa bravo with problems

Black thingy is the Decompression lever. You use it on each start attrempt to open a small valve in the cylinder head to reileve compression to make it easier to pedale start. Once the bike is kicking over, you release it.

First thing test to see if you have spark

if you do

Flush gas tank,

test fuel valve for fuel flow in the UP and DOWN positions,

Clean carb,

get new spark plug,

then got to "FReds Guide" under "RESOURCES/ARTICLES/FRED'S Guide"

Then come back and let us know what progress you have made and any further questions you may have.

Good Luck

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