can't get my Yamaha Towny started

I tried taking apart the carb, cleaning all the jets, making sure I'm getting spark by grounding plug while starting(it is, though not alot), it's getting gas, (I think) cause the spark plug gets wet after cranking a while, took plug out and and it has good compression. It was running fine yesterday when my kids were on it, I go to start it now and ....nothing, I even took exhaust off to make sure there was no back pressure, Please if there is anyone out there that knows what other steps I can take I'd appreciate it. All the switches are on "start" as well.

Re: can't get my Yamaha Towny started

did you leave the fuel valve open overnight? Any leaks might drain into the crankcase.. the crankcase should be dry inside.

If the plug is wet it is fouling. If you changed nothing overnight, i'd suspect fuel in the crankcase first. This will foul the plug.

take the plug out and crank/pedal the engine for a while.. This should evacuate any fuel in the crankcase... then use a clean sparkplug and try starting it.

Test for fuel delivery by spraying Starter Fluid into the air intake. If it starts, chances are you do have a carb problem.

Re: can't get my Yamaha Towny started

Thanks <joew>, I tried cranking it with the plug out and then put the old plug back in after I blew it off, still nothing... I'm going to pick up another spark plug right now and see if that will get it, by the way I did leave the fuel valve on last more. thomasmay

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