I can repair any moped in the bay area


If you have a moped that need some work and you live in the Bay Area in California. Give me a call. No job is too small or too big I have been repairing/restoring mopeds for a very long time. This also includes go-peds, pocket bikes, or anything that has a 2 stroke motor. Even your gas powered garden equipment. Bring it and i will fix it and i wont drain your wallet.

Ben and Eric's Two Stroke Repair.


Re: I can repair any moped in the bay area

Michelle Klemba /

GREAT!!! I live in the Santa Cruz area. I recently purchased a 1978 Motobecane from a friend's dad who is the original owner and it has been having trouble. My dad and I will work on it for a bit, but I MAY call you if we need help.

Re: I can repair any moped in the bay area

I dont mind help you out over the phone or giving you advice on what to check or clean to solve certian problems. But i would prefer you bring it to me pay a small amount and have it running to top shape. For instance the last Vespa Ciao i work on needed to have the carb cleaned and she had vacume problems that we fixed and also clean out all the rust in the gas tank and she only paid $65. Im not expensive.


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