dirty gas tank

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How should I clean out my gas tank???

It has water in it...old gas...tons of rust...dirt....it's bad......also...I think the fuel valve is clogged...but I can take that off....

I have this problem on on both my 1977 motobecane...and my 1978 Puch Maxi.....


Re: dirty gas tank

REmove any valves or petcocks.. plug the hole and the openings with something.. rubber stoppers or whatever..

put some liquid dish soap and some sharp pebbles or BB's or ball bearings or something in there and shake it up.. Then do it again .. and again.. and again and rinse it out.

Then go get a Kreem Kit at the local motorcycle store and follow directions.. Don't Kreem the gas cap.. it needs an unclogged vent.

btw, the Kreem kit has instructions for cleaning and prepping the tank.

Re: dirty gas tank

Using BB's works well if you have a removable tank like the KREIDLER. But with a Puch and many other mopeds using BB's is not practical unless you strip the bike down. That way you can really get a good shaking action. But for most mopodes i have used a 4 guage cable and a drill. First strip back about an inch on one end of the 4 guage cable. Tie a few bolts to some of the wire. Then take a screw and cut off the head. Put the headless screw in the chuck of your drill and screw in into the other side of the wire. Now you have a flexible cleaning device. Take of the petcock valve and plug the hole up with something. Now fill the tank with hot water and dish soap. Using your drill and your felxible wire with bolts attached to the end stick in inside the tank and spin it using the drill.

Drain the tank and repeat the process. I usually clean tanks in about an hour this way.

Re: dirty gas tank

i like that.. applicable to removable tanks too..

Re: dirty gas tank

i see a new product .. all we need now is some entrepreneur .. Too much on my plate already or i'd do it.

Re: dirty gas tank

There is an easy, less professional solution. Remove your petcock, drain your gas. Plug up the gas tank hole with something, fill it up with Behre Concrete etcher/rust remover (available at home depot $10) then just let it sit for several hours, maybe a day if its real bad. Drain, then flush it out with your drained gas several times untill it is running COMPLETELY clear. there your done. Removing petcock it very important, it is the only way you can be sure to get all the crap out, and this stuff will really crud up your petcock, and carb (I learned the hard way) but I have a clean tank now.

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