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Adam Worland /

I have an '85 Garelli Basic that I'm bringing out of retirement. It doesn't have a tail/stop light. I couldn't seem to find a stop light that is a 6v (they're all 12 volt in the auto part stores).

Will a 12v work on my moped? If not do you know where I can get a 6v, tail/stop light?


Re: tail light

Yes 12 volt will work.... It just wont be bright.


Re: tail light

Adam Worland /

Thanks Alan,

Do you mean it won't be as bright as the 12v light could be? or do you mean it would be less bright than the 6v lamp?

As long as it's bright enough for cars following to see I think it's a cost effective alternative to get the $5, 12v tail light vs. the 6v moped specific tail light for $50.

Your thoughts?

Re: tail light

It just won't be as bright as it would be with a 12 volt system... It should be as bright as the 6 volt bulbs, But will probably last longer.


Re: tail light

Leon Swarmer /

Gotta jump in here... you are invisible on a moped in the best of circumstances.

I am thinking that a 12 Volt would be less light that a 6 in the same socket. don't forget that that's prolly your brake bulb too,

do you really want cagers not to see you hit your brakes?

all your prices are too high. Heck I can by 12 volt tail.stoplight bulbs for less than that at a kiwk shop.

have you taken the bulb into a cycle shop?

I;m sure the regular moped places would have them, but I am guessing shipping would be kinda high.

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