HELP!!! No spring in throttle line...

Well, I took my carb apart to clean it, it was clean as a bell.

Now when I put it all back together, there is no 'spring' in my throttle twist, i.e. itll turn on it's bar but it wont spring back... did I set something wrong or mess something up putting the carb back together?


I have to get it working by tomorrow @ 3pm... gatta go to work!!!

-Rand OH

Re: HELP!!! No spring in throttle line...

does the carb have a slide? If so the throttle return spring is in the slide itself...

pull the top cap off and see if the slide or spring is jammed.

Remove the top cap along with the slide assembly, twist the throttle on the handlebar and see if the cable pulls and releases the slide. If not you reassembled it incorrectly.

fixed it, (details for newbs)

Heh, when I took it apart it kindof exploded on me, i was lucky to find all of the parts.

For future references or anyone searching the database what I did wrong was this: (it was a bing carb on a puch newport/maxi)


by Rand

The barrel part of the carb has a ring sitting at the bottom of it, and another ring with 3 tabs on it that sits on top of that. The three-tab ring has to be aligned right (should lay flat inside the barrel part.) The needle also sticks out of the bottom of this part of the carb.

Now, you put the spring on top of both of those rings, and use the top of the carb to push it down, be super-careful with that gasket!

Now, as you are pushing it down, there are two holes in the bottom of the barrel connected by a notch, you put the end of the throttle cable into one hole slide it across the notch, and let it fall back against the other hole (which is smaller), what you have just assembled allows the throttle to snap back closed when you let go of it.

Now that you have the top of the carb and throttle cable, there is a little tab on the end of the choke bar, you take the slide and clip it onto the tab at the end of the choke.

Now, that slide has a little tab on it, and the barrel part has one side of it that has a notch on it. Both the notch on the barrel and the tab on the slide go on the INSIDE of the carb, facing each other.

You want to make sure that little tab that sticks out sits above the bottom of that notch.

Now, you have to be kindof nimble here. Hold the bottom of the carb in your right hand, and the top in your left. hold the inside of the screws UP with two fingers, using the other two fingers to set the barrel and the slide in the right position.

Carefully slide the barrel down into the body of the carb, and watch for the bottom of that slide. When the slide nears, guide it into the slot gently. DONT FORCE IT! I found that if you have everything together right, and it is all in the right position, the whole jumbled thing will almost drop right down into the carb body. Make sure you dont pinch that little red gasket in the spring.

Now, hold the carb together with one hand, and screw the top on with the other. Bingo! Its easiest now if you slide the intake part onto the carb, then onto the two posts for the bolts, then slip the air filter on, THEN tighten everything down.

You may now have to adjust the tension on your throttle cable, which is done with the screw and nut at the 'pipe' on top of the carb, but try it normally first to make sure its OK.


If you have a wimpy throttle that wont spring back, then the cable came out of the bottom of the barrel.

Hope this helped someone. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME IF I WAS WRONG! As of this writing, I just finished it 10 minutes ago, and everything worked fine, should still be fresh in my mind, but you never know with me!!!

Re: fixed it, (details for newbs)

well.. DUH!

hehe.. just kiddin.. glad you sorted it out. :)

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