Any scooter techs out there? Honda CH80 dies...

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I've got a Honda CH80 sitting about ( i know NOT a moped blah blah...) Anyway, it doesnt run right for some reason. The carb seems spotless and I've gone and cleaned the jets anyway. The spark is nice and blue, and the compression appears adaquete. But the bike is hard to start, and once you get it started. it runs erractically reving up and down until eventually it will die. You cant get the motor going too fast or too slow or else it will just die. The only thing I can think of is timing, but this is a 1997 bike, aren't these electronic? Hmm I'll check into that but anyway, any suggestions?


Re: Any scooter techs out there? Honda CH80 dies..

Clean the filters under the gas tank that are part of the fuel valve. There is one that goes inside the tank and another on the fuel line bewteen the fuel valve and the carb.

Make sure all your lines (fuel and vacuum) are OK and no cracks or splits.

Could also the Vacuum piston on the back of the carb.

Clean or replace your air filter element on the back of the carb.

Could also be the Bystarter (little black elecrtical thingy on the back top of the carb)

Use a new spark plug just in case

If it is a 97 sounds like it could use a good servicing, clean fuel tank, fuel valve, filters, carb, replace all rubber "O" rings related to the carb

Best to go to a Honda scooter forum for more answers. Also get a Honda Service manual, they are excellent.

Good luck

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