puch tranny problem

'79 puch max II luxe. A few times, the 2spd tranny didn't

work quite right. From a stand still, I would apply the throttle

and the tranny seem to jerk into gear. It felt like I had a loose

chain and then the chain would finally engage. Also, there seem

to be a little bit of rattling when this happened. After awhile,

these symptoms seem to disappear. So, I'm thinking that

maybe something in the tranny got stuck a little bit. Or, is

this a sign of the clutche(s?) going bad? The bike has about

1500 miles. How long do clutches normally last and is it difficult

to change? Special tools required?



Re: puch tranny problem

Clutch should be going out at that mileage.

Have you changed the transmission fluid? If not drain it and fill 2 speed with 9.5 ounces of ATF type "F" DO NOT top it off or overfill. Tranny will be verrry sluggish or bike may not go at all from overfill.

If it is a 1 speed, drain and fill with 5.5 ounces of same ATF type"F"

Check your drive tension and oil the chains.

Re: puch tranny problem

I just recently changed the ATF. I did use type-F and I filled

until ATF started coming out of the, I guess you call it, the ATF

fluid level screw on the side of the case. Drive train tension

and chain lubrication is good. The clutch didn't appear to slip

at all after the symptoms went away.

Re: puch tranny problem

Not sure I understood your last post but if it is a 2 speed the filler hole is on top of the tranny case. Sometimes you have to pull the wiring terminal block back to access it.

Since it is on top it is easy to "Top it off" and overfill it. It needs an air space in the tranny case or the bike will run very sluggish or will not move. So drain it and fill with ONLY 9.5 ozs of ATF type "F"

1 speed, filler screw is a slanted screw near the bootom of the case. Takes 5.5 ozs of same ATF.

Good luck with your Puchs

Re: puch tranny problem

Gregory Mcintire /

"Clutch should be going out at that mileage."

Zippy, are you serious that the clutch should only be expected to last 1500 miles?

Re: puch tranny problem

Looking at my owners manual, it mentions that it has an oil

level screw located in the clutch cover. This oil level screw is

located below and to the left of the letter 'P' on the case. I'll

refill and see what happens. Thanks for the replies.


Re: puch tranny problem

i think it was just a typo..

Re: puch tranny problem

Gregory Mcintire /

The first gear in the 2-speed Puch uses a one-way-roller bearing assembly so that the secondary first gear can freewheel after it shifts into high gear. It is a device that works flawlessly if it is clean, i.e. not gummed up with sludged. I can imagine that it would 'jerk' as you say if it were gummed up, or even worse, rusty from having set for a long period of time unprotected from the elements. The vent hole on that transmission case is an invitation to water. If it were rusty causing the problem you described I would also expect it may eventually clean itself up enough to work, as you have described.

If all of the above were true (only way to find out is to disassemble and inspect) I would advise draining and refilling the transmission multiple times, running it for a few miles in between drains, so as to flush the rust out. The downside to that is only the cost of the oil and your time.

Re: puch tranny problem

Gregory Mcintire /

Actually to inspect that roller bearing all that is required would be to remove the clutch cover (6 screws). That gear and roller bearing assembly will be clearly visible. Although, to inspect the clutch shoes will require removing the left hand threaded nut on that gear, which can be tight and can require a special holder or impact wrench. You can also lodge the engines front sprocket to hold it but that method can be risky to breaking a gear tooth as the shaft is only supported on one end once the clutch cover is off.

Re: puch tranny problem

Thanks for the detailed information. I was also leaning towards the theory

that there is probably some rust that is causing the problem. A little bit

of history on the bike...the piston was frozen in the cylinder and upon

inspection it seemed that moisture got inside because looking at the

piston through the intake/exhaust port should some rust. I dislodged

the piston, clean it up and the cylinder and installed a fresh set of

rings. I cleaned the gas tank and installed a new petcock and before

riding it, I made sure that there was enough ATF. However, I did not

drain it. I rode it around the block a few times and posted here about

the use of Dexron III ATF. People recommened Type-F, so I drained

and refilled with 'F'. I did notice that the drained ATF looked like a

strawberry smoothie color. I figured it had some moisture/water in

it, so that's why it had the color that it did. I just drained the ATF again

this morning and the color was still a little bit strawberry smoothie like :)

but not as bad as the first time. So, I'll ride it around and drain it one

more time.

Thanks again,


Re: puch tranny problem

If worst comes to worst, then I'll remove and inspect. I'm hoping the flushing

with ATF a few times will do the trick.

Looking at some of the prices for clutches, all I can say is "wow". Them

puppies aren't cheap.

Re: puch tranny problem

definately has or had a whole lot of water in there..

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