Oily exhaust pipe...

Hey guys,

My exhaust pipe is really really oily around the back end, and it drips down along the bottom of the pipe and clings, nasty black oily junk. Changed the brake cable today and man, what a mess to work around.

My question is, is this normal, or am I using too much oil in the gas?

Also, the bike doesnt want to idle very well most times, idles for 10-20 secs then cuts out, but starts right back up again.

Could my muffler be all clogged up? What can I do to clean it out? I plan on cleaning the carb soon, probably this weekend (which for me is monday/tuesday).

Anyways, spread the advice around gurus :) I looked in freds guide, Im going to check the exhaust port on the head, but I think the problem may be more in the muffler...... dot dot dot


Re: Oily exhaust pipe...

Just use a 40:1 mixture and check your compression to make sure your rings aren't stuck. It oughta' carry over 120 psi compression or even more. Hold the throttle open when you test it. don-ohio (:^)

Re: Oily exhaust pipe...

clean your carb now

Re: Oily exhaust pipe...

An oily pipe is very common as not all the oil get burned. Stay with a 50:1 mix. You should clean your pipe. Carbon and oil build up in your exaust pipe will cause performance problems. I have had many mopeds not run well because of to much pressure build up in the pipe due to a clogged pipe. You should most definately clean your carb and pipe and after you do then adjust your idle screw.

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