1978 J.C Penney pinto2

Engine will not fire. coil checks ,new points installed ,new plug , new condenser. What now ?

Re: 1978 J.C Penney pinto2

Leon Swarmer /

Can you see the spark with the plug out of the cylinder?


are you sure fuel is getting into the cylinder?


Re: 1978 J.C Penney pinto2

Jake Van Order /

the puch electrical system is a tricky thing. there are times that I can't get it to work no matter what. I guess my best suggestion is to go over the wiring again. even the horn disconnected will cause it not to spark. good luck


Re: 1978 J.C Penney pinto2

Jake is right, check the two wires that go in the back of the horn. Probably a brown and a blue or black. Both have to be connected.

Go over the bike and make sure all the Brown wires are properly grounded

Re: 1978 J.C Penney pinto2

Thanks for the advice regarding the Pinto. The fact that I do not have a horn may account for my problem. Will connect the horn wire together and give it a try. Thanks again if it works or not.

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