Kinetic TFR help needed

Jared Kaufman /

Well, I only have 2 more things to figure out before I get her running...

I just can't seem to figure out how the decompression cable and decompression spring/valve assembly go together. This is at the engine side. Can someone with a Kinetic help me out or get a good, clear digital photo of how these tiny parts go together?

Also, my TFR didn't have the kill switch on it when I got it. I have a single-lead kill switch but can't figure out exactly where the wire is supposed to go...

If anybody can help or can take a photo or scan the necessary section of a repair manual I would appreciate it :)



kill switch

single lead? you mean single wire?. If there's only one wire, it grounds to the frame to kill the engine.

Re: Kinetic TFR help needed

Here is a link to Cosmotor's site to show you the assembly sequence of the decompression valve parts. Kind of small but better than nothing.

Here is the link to the wiring diagram.

better links

one more time

Re: Kinetic TFR help needed

Jared Kaufman /

Thanks. I've already looked at that sequence, but still can't quite figure it out. is the spring supposed to wrap around part of the frame or something?

Re: Kinetic TFR help needed

There is supposed to be a cable that runs from a small lever on the left handle bar and fasten to the spring (Decompression cable). The cable has a barrel type connector on the engine end.

The barrel connector is at a right angle to the cable end and hooks in a hooked piece that is back in the cylnder head fins on the top right hand cylinder head bolt (facing the engine and spark plug).

The cable sheath snaps or fits into the spring thus providing tension so if the cable is hooked up correctly, when you pull on the small lever on the left handle bar on each start attempt the tension on the spring will cause the Decompression valve in the cylinder head to open to reduce the compression to make it easier to pedal start. Once the engine tries to start or is starting, you release the decompression lever thus closing the decompression valve in the cylinder head so you have good compression once again.

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