2-cycle oil or regular oil?

Looking at my Puch manual, I see that it recommends SAE 40-50

oil or 2-cycle oil for mixing with gas. What do you people use?

Re: 2-cycle oil or regular oil?

you need to use two cycle oil in a moped at 3oz to a gallon of gas.

Re: 2-cycle oil or regular oil?

you can use motor oil in an emergency. Ratio should be very high, like 20/1 .. it'll smoke like hell and won't provide the same

protection as a proper 2-stroke oil with it's formulation and additives.

Newer regular 2-stroke oils are more effective than they used to be. I use a "smokeless" synthetic... it still smokes a little. Racing synthetics provide good protection but cost money. Try several brands and types. Use whatever you like but don't be stingy with oil.

I doubt that any engine manufacturer in the last 20 years has recommended motor oil but it was common at one time.

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