Sachs Problem

David Cooper /

I have a 1978 moped with a sachs engine. It ran fine when i bought it, then it sat around for a few days while i waited for a new rear tire. Now it will now run. If i pedal and clutch it will start to run but will stall whenever i stop pedaling or pushing it. I cleaned the carb but to no avail. I am very new to mopeds so I am pretty clueless.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Sachs Problem

sat around for a few days..

If thats the only thing that happened, it may have leaked a bunch of fuel from the carburetor and into the crankcase.. so it now fouls the plug and stalls.. The crankcase should be dry inside, otherwise the fuel mixture will be extremely rich and foul the plug.

Pull the plug and see if the tip is wet. If so..

Remove the spark plug, pedal-start it like hell for a couple minutes to clean out any fuel in the crankcase, clean the plug and and put the plug back in and try again.

If you got lucky and it starts, don't be suprised if a bunch of liquid fuel/oil sprays out the exhaust for a few minutes.

Re: Sachs Problem

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Also, in my Sach there was a bunch of dirt flying around in the flywheel clogging the points, so I would check the points.



Re: Sachs Problem

Jake Van Order /

The standard troubleshooting procedure for me is as follows:

1) Try to start moped. Pedal/push like hell.

If you can't do this you are in trouble. Your transmission is messed up or you have a seized engine. If you do this and everything seems fine but the bike isn't running, move to..

2) Take spark plug out. Is the plug covered with gas?

If yes, check for spark by placing the metal on the spark plug onto a ground like the cylinder. Pull in decompression/clutch cable and try to start. See if there is spark. If no spark, read fred's guide .

If no, clean your carburetor.

Those two steps usually fix 80% of problems. Of course, there could be many other problems. You could have blown a piston ring, your clutch could have came loose, you may have no compression due to a stupid little metal valve.

good luck


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