Tomos Targa 99

Elizabeth Scarbrough /

If you look at my profile under Elizabeth Scarbrough you will see a picture of the bike I have. I believe it to be a Tomos Targa 99 with a 70cc kit and biturbo muffler. I'm looking for the owners manuel to go with the bike. I had to replace the piston and cylinder...and now we need to know how to adjust the carb. to allow for the proper oil/air combo.

Which oweners manuel should I buy? It has an A35 motor - right? That's my guess based on th epictures shown on Also, anyone know how to adjust the carb? Will the manuel even tell me how to do so?

Please help!

Thanks -

Re: Tomos Targa 99

Leon Swarmer /

errrr, Elizabeth, You aaren't going to find the answers you seek in a book. The books are made for stock machines.

Your 70ccs and biturbo change things. Better do a search of the forum and find out how to do a plug chop.

I don't know tomos carbs, but someone else can prolly help.

give them a chance.

Have fun learning,


Re: Tomos Targa 99

Check out fred's guide in the articles section for how to do a plug chop.

Re: Tomos Targa 99

John Joedicke /

Turn the adjusting screw out about 2 1/2 turns and start from there.

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