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I have my '78 Puch Newport running. But when I use the throttle I can only give it so much gas until it slows down and dies. About half the throttle gets me going around 15 and then after that if I give it more gas then it dies on me. I just bought a new carburator and put the main jet from my old carburator in my new one so that can't be the problem. Any suggestions?


couple questions..

why did you buy a new carburetor and why did you switch jets?


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You might make sure that the needle jet and jet needle are the same on the new carb as the old. Also make sure the clip on the jet needle is in the correct position.


i have a '78 puch mkII and it was doing the same thing. i had switched the carb from a 12mm to a 17mm and even though i had a new air filter and such on, the main jet was too big. we put the 12mm carb jet in the 17mm carb and it helped. then my friend used a drill index to make the jet a little bigger. after every size increase we put the carb back on and tried it. now it can go full throttle without sputtering or dying out.

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