Wrong Oil

Hi, Thanks for reading this.

A few weeks ago I bought a scooter (yamaha bws 1999).

My cousin has a motocross (50 cc), and I needed to put in some oil. He had some IPONE Synthesis 2 (on this site: http://www.ipone.fr/1/1.2/index_produit.php?lang=2 )

Since that time im having lots of problems.

When I start the scooter I have lots of power, but once I start riding it (after 2 minutes) I start losing my power. When I give it gas it stalls.

Im wondering if its the fault of the oil or is it something else(maybe overheating but im not good in mechanics so I have no idea how to find out).

Now I bought the good oil (Ipone SCOOT CITY)

Re: Wrong Oil

I dont think my problem is oil.

Im thinking its maybe an air problem or maybe fuel.

Il clarify my 1st post: When Im riding since a few minutes(high rpm like about 60-90 km/h), Now all is going great. Until I get to a stop sign, once I give it gas it wont go it (it idles ok) once I give it gas to go it as tendancy to stall.

So if I want to accelerate i need to keep playing with the gas (give it gas release gas leaver - real fast) Than it starts to go. Or I shut it off a few minutes and start it back and it has full power.

My question is: Does anyone know whats my problem and how I can fix this? Because its very annoying, especially when in traffic.

Re: Wrong Oil

Gregory Mcintire /

It could be a few different things but one possible thing would be water in the gas, which is sitting in the bottom of the float bowl. It the carb has a drain screw try draining the bowl. Ootherwise take off the carb and clean it.

Re: Wrong Oil

Thanks for the reply. Il try draining the bowl. But im pretty sure it drains itself (there is a little hose sticking out of the bottom of the bowl). My dad told me I should clean my carb but I didnt think that would be the problem because I cleaned it 2 times. But Il clean it again just to be sure.

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