help with tomos wiring?

This is a dumb question, but I just got my first moped, and I can't figure out which wires go to what in the headlight, turn signal. I don't really have an understanding of how wiring works, and I can't make heads or tails of the diagram, or figure out what is supposed to hook up to what.

Does anyone have a diagram? Or can explain it? It's a new tomos targa.


Re: help with tomos wiring?

Nobody is born with an intuitive understanding of how electricity works. Search "how electricity works" for pages and pages of basic information.

As far as wiring diagrams, they usually have symbols that represent a connection between two wires, a symbol for a plug-type connector, symbols for different components, a symbol for a "ground", etc.

The diagram itself probably won't explain these symbols since they are universally accepted, but a book for beginners on electrical wiring will.

The diagram will note the color of the wire with a couple letters, like " B " may mean "black" and B/W may mean "Black with a White stripe" . A 'legend' somewhere on the wiring diagram usually shows what abbreviations are used for what colors.

Check the resources for a manual and diagram for your bike.. good luck.

Re: help with tomos wiring?

John Joedicke /

Check out .there are manuals for Tomos ped in the repair section. j

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