1977 Vespa Bravo

Hi all

I just recently bought a 1977 Vespa Bravo (At least I think, The picture in you gallery looks like it)

Could somebody tell me where to find out how to install a carb for it? Or if someone could tell me, it would help



Re: 1977 Vespa Bravo

Bruce Wilkinson /

Do you have a carb , or do you need to buy one ? bruce

Re: 1977 Vespa Bravo

Yes, I have the carb...

1 more question I thought of...

What does the wire coming out of the carb do? I think it links up to the left brake, but I put it together and nothing happens...


Re: 1977 Vespa Bravo

Sry, thought you could edit posts

1 more question though, The thing on the right handlebar, it looks like a throttle and I'm pretty sure it is, but it doesnt move... Im trying to pull it back and it wont budge... Anyway I might be able to fix this?

Re: 1977 Vespa Bravo

The wire coming out of the carb is the throttle cable,

The other end of it should go to the throttle control; the twist grip on the right handlebar.

If the thing on the handlebar that you are pulling on looks like a silver/gray lever about 5" long, that would be your front brake lever. The black rubber handgrip that twists is your throttle.

If you already have a carb I can almost guarantee that it needs a thorough cleaning. Here are detailed instructions on cleaning it -


Re: 1977 Vespa Bravo

Whats the black handgrip that twists?

My bad on this one, the short handle is on the left handlebar... It connects on the side with the belt.

Re: 1977 Vespa Bravo

On the handle bars- there are 2 rubber grips where you would place your hands. The grip on the right is the throttle control.


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