Solex 5000 Pedals Wanted

Looking for a set of pedals for a Solex 5000. What's with the thread and bore on these pedals anywya. standard size is either 1/2" or 9/16". The Solex is somewhere in between.

Re: Solex 5000 Pedals Wanted

John Joedicke /

Good chance it is metric and 14mm

Re: Solex 5000 Pedals Wanted

I measured them at 13.67 mm or close to that. Haven't been able to locate any metric pedals. The bike shops that I called didn't want to help at all. Terrible service out there these days.

Re: Solex 5000 Pedals Wanted

Travis Hill /

Couldn't you make some other pedals work? I just put the pedals from my peugoet 103sp on my honda hobbit. I had to cut the hobbit pedals off but the peugeot pedals fit right on. I changed the hole crank btw.

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