1978 PA50II won't spark!

Keith Cunningham /

Hey everyone, I have a 1978 PA50II that I have rebuilt and everything seems ready to go but I cannot get it to spark for the life of me! And when I say everything, I mean everything:

-Corrected timing .3mm

-Tried 2 different condensers

-Recut the condenser cable

-Cleaned the points

-Yes the key is in and turned and the knob thing is set to run

-TDC is correct

-The spark gap is correct .6mm

-To the best of my knowledge the wiring is all correct (If anyone has a wiring diagram for a US Hobbit II it would be much appreciated.)

-The headlight and taillight work so obviously its getting power somewhere and some of the wiring is correct.

Does anyone else have another suggestion before I bring this thing to the local scooter shop? I swear I have it all correct but its driving me crazy!



Re: 1978 PA50II won't spark!

No Spark could also be a malfunctioning kill switch. The two wires leading to the switch must not touch each other or the frame.

Bypass ALL the switches and frame wiring by connecting the black/(yellow?) wire coming out of the engine directly to the black/white wire that goes back to the ignition coil.

If you then get spark, your wiring is messed up somewhere on the frame.. Might be some worn insulation that shorts a wire. Might be anything.. (Wires under the rear fender tend to get pounded by rocks are are often in terrible shape)

A manual for the 1983 PA50 Hobbit is here.. Good info that applies to the 1978 but the electrical diagrams don’t match up ..


Heres a proper electrical diagram..


Re: 1978 PA50II won't spark!

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

I would also try various plugs too. I had a bike with like 2 like new looking plugs on it, both had burnt out.


Re: 1978 PA50II won't spark!

Keith Cunningham /

Holy crap Joew, you are the friggin man! I cannot believe it. I have been trying so hard just to get a spark and that helps to bring me so much hope. I went in there, unplugged everything, plugged black to black/yellow and with some pedaling it was sparking like a mad man. You are the friggin man. And with the wiring diagram, jesus you are the man! Thanks so much!


Re: 1978 PA50II won't spark!

glad it helped.. a mixture of pure luck plus days of dicking with the exact same problems on the exact same bike.

I didn't have the wiring diagram for a long time. Someone else in here turned me on to it.

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