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spark fuel compression

check spark by pulling plug and crank pedal while grounding plug to case ..should see spark.. if no spark inspect wire coil and finally magneto. don't forget kill/ off on switch.. you guys with solid state ignition should always have a spark plug on the wire or ground the wire when cranking... solid state does not like it when you pull wire and arc to case (causes high current due to no load) or no connection (causes extremely high voltage due to no current flow)

while plug is out stick your finger over plug hole and crank pedal should feel good pressure out of cylinder..if no pressure could be decompresion valve..

fuel probably the most common cause of small engines quitting

choke it pedal then open you go from choke to open throttle the motor goes from rich to lean and somewhere along the way may start..

remember its only one cylinder and once flooded can take a while to clear out(you may be cranking for a while)

Re: simple rules

Thats good

I just refer people to Freds Guide


Re: simple rules

There is one other,maybe 2 things that are so uncommon,yet devastating, that stop a `ped and are hard to find\ out.

The first,if it hasn't been mentioned, is a sheared flywheel key, which can still allow you to get spark, but not nearly at the right time.

Another,which really baffled me once, is a blown crankshaft seal, which prevents the fuel from being sucked thru the carb., therefore just pumping air in and out. Been there....suffered that! don-ohio

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