Too much transmission fluid? (too little?)

Christian Baekkelund /

What are some of the problems that one would experience if they put too much transmission fuild into their transmission?

(and on a lesser note, too little?...although I figure those are possibly more well known)

On a side note, the kickstand on my Tomos Bullet is bent in such a way that it leans to the right...I don't know if this is normal for such, but in any case, the transmission oil level screw is also on the right...if I fill up the oil with the screw out and on the kick stand, the bike is tilted towards the screw and more oil will come out obviously than if I hold the bike perfectly upright when I add oil.

So if I add oil with it on it's kickstand and tilted like that, will it be getting too little? Or are all Bullet's like that, and the screw position accounts for the tilt already in its location?

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