Loud rattle when releasing gas at high speed...

Christian Baekkelund /

I've been riding my Tomos Bullet around lately, and I've noticed something a little odd:

When I am riding and get it up to its top speeds (say, 30mph), then release the gas completely, I hear a loud jarring rattling sound (almost a grinding sound)...I can't tell exactly where it's coming from, but it doesn't occur when I do that at low speeds...

Any ideas?...one person recommended to me that stuff in the transmission might just be dry (it had been sitting immobile for about a year up until just recently...I've already changed the oil)?

Re: Loud rattle when releasing gas at high speed..

Timothy Kruger /

It may be a little on the lean side with your fule mixture. Try adding a little more oil. If the engine gets to hot you may hear that ping when the extra fule is detonated by the heat in the manifold. If you have a chrome manifold and it has turned a blueish color this is a good sine it is way too lean. The reason that you do not hear it while giving it the throtal is there is enough pressure pushing all the extra fule out the pipe.

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