man i tried everything to get my '77 to start and it only starts with carb spray "am Gona try the rocks in the tank think:)" i'd cleaned the carb lots of times and still does not starts unless its with that carb spray..but even with gas it turns off as soon as i stop spraying carb. also the petcock leaks. where can i get a new one. the three Honda dealers around here cant get the part. what to do??

Re: petcock

Despite your many attempts to clean that carb, it is not providing fuel to the engine.

I've cleaned a few carbs and it's not easy. When i reinstall the "cleaned" carb i'm already thinking there's a good chance i have to take the carb out and clean it more carefully..

Most times the idle jet is so tiny that an eyelash stuck in there will prevent a good idle. BTW, did you also adjust the float? For that matter, is fuel even filling the float bowl?

Leaks are just simple leaks. But on a tiny engine the effect of every little problem is magnified. Do whatever needs to be done to stop the leaks.

I wonder if someone posted a guide specifically about carb cleaning. If not it deserves one, imo

Re: petcock

Timothy Kruger /

Take you Petcock to a lawnmower repair place, not just a sales place but an actual tractor parts store. I did that and they were able to find one that would work. I nolonger have a reserve but the petcock does not leak. The other option is to buy an inline petcock. Briggs and Stranton maks them for small engines like those on lawn mower. With that you could just leave you old one on all the time and clos the line with the inline one.

Re: petcock

Won't work if the petrol leaks from the body of the petcock not thru the fuel line. And it's usually the case :-(

Re: petcock

Omar Quinonez /

thanks guys. i guess i will have to keep working on it. also thought of putting a in line gas filter, ;)

Re: petcock

Re: petcock

Ryan Thomas /

yea i just got a 1981 yahama moped and when u turn the valve to on its leaks and pretty sure this is y its not starting is there something i can stick in there to stop it or have it fixed

Re: petcock

what kind of yamaha ped?

There should be a little rubber washer inside of the petcock- that goes between the gas tank and the pet cock.


Re: petcock

i just worked on a puch that the rubber inside the petcock disintegrated and was clogging the fuel flow. it was very hard to see this but it was happening. clearing the thing with wire and carb cleaner solved it temporarily. bottom line = need to replace the petcock.

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