pa50 II chain

I'm replacing the pedal assembly on my hobbit but I need to get the chain off. Can I adjust somthing to lossen the slack, or must I detatch the chain? If so, how?



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look very closely and you will see one link with the clip that holds the chain together..

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btw, the rear wheel has four 13mm bolts holding it to the swingarm.

Loosen those 4 and the wheel can slide forward allowing removal of both the belt and the chain.

The chain has an adjuster thing near the rear to adjust it's slack. One 10mm bolt holds it in place. Also loosen this when working on the wheel because it's best to readjust the chain later. Loosen that bolt and move the chain guide and there may be enough slack to remove the chain.

When you're done, pull the wheel back hard until the belt is about 2mm inside the edge of the rear pulley.

Then tighen the bolt on the bottom of that side, straighten the wheel and tighten the bolts on the other side.

go over all four bolts to make sure you tightened them all.

Lastly, adjust the chain guide so there's about 1/2 inch of play when you push down the center of the chain.

Re: pa50 II chain

thnx a lot

Re: pa50 II chain

anytime.. btw, there's a 1983 hobbit owner's manual here:

It's close enough to the 1978 to be a good guide for normal maintainance.. the electrical diagrams are not useful.

Re: pa50 II chain


well, sometimes.. I just picked up another bike and this is the first i've see who's chain has no special connecting link with the clip for disassembly. Live and learn.

You can always add such a link by using a 'chain tool' (bicycle shop) to remove a normal link and replace it with a connection link.

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