high rpm

Asdf Sdfg /

I own a 1978 puch newport and i just bought a new carburator and installed that today. I start up my puch and the with out using the throttle the bike goes and as I use the throttle the rpm goes down and the bike slows down to almost a stop at full throttle. I NEED HELP!

Re: high rpm

maybe the throttle cable is the problem.

try this:

disconnect the throttle cable at the carburetor and use your finger to open and close the throttle linkage on the carb.. See if the engine runs normally. If so, you have something wrong with the cable's routing or tension or something.

Re: high rpm

Jason Luther /

is it a different model carb? you may need to adjust the jets to fit your ped.-jason

Re: high rpm

yeah, sounds like its over rich and by opening the throttle, you're bogging it down. Contact the place you bought it from and ask them for the recommended jetting scenario.




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