Motobecane, don't know year.

Hi All,

I recently entered the world of vintage mopeds so you will have to excuse me for that. I bought a motobecane Moby but and not sure about what year it is. The tap was missing off the frame. From looking a pictures of the parts at, it is after 1977. My assumption is it is a 1978 or later. It does have the square air box on the carb and from look at pictures of '78's it looks the same.

My issue is it was running when I bought it. All of a sudden it was miss fire. It would catch, then stop, then catch again. It only got worse and now I can't get it start, it just bogs down. Now it won't fire at all when I try to start it. I changed the plug multiple times and nothing. I also cleaned the fuel line and carb out.

I did the spark test resting the plug on the head of the motor and it does not look like I have any spark. Could it be the coil, condensor, points or all of the above? Part of my also thinks I migh have a wiring problem. But it did run.

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