Tomos Stalling

Roger Vallve /

I have a 2001 Tomos LX with bi turbo exhuast and I just did the my tune up and got jetting too. When I come to s stop sign or traffic light the moped stalls? It has a bit of trouble strting up then away I go. Stalls next stop.

any ideas, thanks

Re: Tomos Stalling

get the bike good and hot before you adjust the idle.. like 5 miles-hot

Re: Tomos Stalling

If your idle is set high enough, AND your float isn't letting fuel thru when stopped,AND your clutch isn't malfunctioning(broken spring,etc.) try one number hotter spark plug. That means the number actually is lower, like a B7 instead of a B8 . Then do a plug chop at 3/4 and another at full throttle to see if that plug will be okay. don-ohio

Re: Tomos Stalling

another thing is these pumped up engines with expansion chambers usually idle like pure crapola no matter what is adjusted ... one of the prices you pay for power.

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