78 Honda Hobbit - not running

Hello all, I'm the proud new owner of the 78 Honda Hobbit with 1,600 miles. It has been sitting since 1991 and doesn't start. Any tips or ideas to getting it started? I was going to drain the gas, put new gas in with some carb cleaner addititive and get a new spark plug. Does anyone know what size and gap plug I need?

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Re: 78 Honda Hobbit - not running

I just got this bike as well. Here is a link to the manual on MRA. http://www.mopedriders.org/article_view.php?faq=2&fldAuto=35 People tell me the everything is real solid on this bike but it has a finicky carburator.



Re: 78 Honda Hobbit - not running

yeah.. if it wont start it's no doubt a dirty carb. I just found some parts including a carb and i should post pix of the inside of this carb.. it is caked with crap everywhere.. unbelievable..

Of course, it's not only the carb that gets filthy when they sit around for years..go through the entire fuel system from the tank cap's little vent hole all the way down to the carburetor and examine and clean every last thing..

Re: 78 Honda Hobbit - not running

got it running

I got it running. I drained the gas and put in some new gas and sea foam. It seems super slow though. Maybe 20mph. I remember as a kid I had a Motebecane that went 35. Is the 78 Hobbit slower?

Re: got it running

Re: honda pa50--any good??

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hondas and any other japanese bikes are great bikes. very dependable and well built. they are not the fastest of bikes tho. there are two different pa50’s. the pa50I and the pa50II. the "I" model is the older version with a 20mph top speed and the "II" is the newer version with a 30mph top speed. the newer models came out around 1979 or so. but i’m not sure of the exact year. but either one is a great dependable bike.

JaRED....check the exhaust.

You're at the border of possibly having some clogging with 1600 miles. Especially the older 2-stroke oils did this commonly.

Remove the exhaust,check the exhaust port on the cylinder, and the exhaust for needing to be decarbonized.

After also checking that the rings aren't stuck, by checking the compression, it wouldn't hurt,either to take .020" off the head for higher compression. That's what I'd be doing,anyway. don-ohio (:^)

Re: got it running

like Don O says, it could be carbon.

I just cut open a Hobbit muffler and there's a very small tube in there, like 1/2 inch inner diameter. _All_ the exhaust must go through that tube. This bike had 5,000 miles on it. That tube was clogged so bad it had a hole the size of a grain of rice. The owner had poked holes in the bottom of the muffler, no doubt because it ran like crap..

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Travis Hill /

Mine has a bolt on it that you can take out. I think the bolt head is a 17mm and when you take it off it lets a whole lot more air out than the tail pipe does. What is this for?

Re: got it running

good thinking.. i never was quite sure if its a general cleanout or a drain or was meant specifically for cleaning that little 1/2 inch tube.. I see that bolt is almost perfectly inline with that tiny tube..

If you stick a pencil in the bolt hole, one end of the 3 inch long tube is about 2 inched away. So, a 6 inch long pencil would be able to go all the way straight through that tube.

The tube is welded to a baffle, the only baffle in there. It is welded sideways, across the muffler, and seperates it into two halves.

Whatever you push out of the tube will end up behind the baffle and will eventually be blown back out the small tube. The main exhaust tube circles around and through the baffle and is probably too large to get totally clogged up, but that small one is very likely to be restricted by carbon.

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I just got on this site, and I'm trying to mind a manual for a 78 Hobbit or how to get the carb. off. I can't see how to get to the carb. mounting bolts.


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there's an owner's manual and a shop manual on THIS page

I get to the carb by removing the one large pivot bolt at the top-front of the engine. Once the center stand is retracted, the engine/swingarm will then drop to the floor. At that point the 4 reed-block/manifold screws can be removed and the manifold/carburetor assembly is removed as a unit.

But before you just let the engine drop down, you gotta disconnect or un-clip some cables, wires and stuff or they'll get stretched or broken.... the decompression cable, throttle cable, possibly the rear brake, and a few others.

Disconnect any obvious stuff and then, to be safe, pile blocks of wood under the muffler so the engine will drop only an inch or two. Pull the big pivot bolt out, retract the center stand and let the engine drop an inch, resting on the blocks.. and inspect the area, looking for things that need to be disconnected.

It may be easier if you have help the first time around.. someone to hold the bike and keep it steady.


After raising the engine back into position many things, like the rear brake cable, can be re-routed so they need not be disconnected next time... and this annoying procedure will go much faster.

Re: 78 Honda Hobbit - not running

Joew: Send him the photo of the Hobbit with the engine dropped down and resting on the muffler. This explained everything to me.

Hobbit engine dropped pic

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