1984 puch electrical problem

Hayden Stevens /

I just bought a 1984 Puch Maxi Sport LS...I was told everything was working last year...but when I brought it home none of the electrical stuff was working except for the horn. It is in real nice/clean condition, but I can't even get a spark out of it. Everything looks connected and the wires are in good condition. When I pedal it and it turns over, the headlight doesn't light, the taillight doesn't, speedometer doesn't (unless it is real dim like my other one), and no spark---but if I press the horn..that works....is there a common fix for this problem? ......oh yeah and it isn't that black thing that the spark plug wire comes out of--I tried switching it with my running moped.

Please help me out..

Re: 1984 puch electrical problem

Louie Armstrong /

are you sure its an electrical problem? id reccomend getting it running first. might be a coil problem. cna you post a pic of the bike?

Re: 1984 puch electrical problem

try checking out the light bulbs, a bad bulb could be the issue.

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