tune up?

what does it usually mean when someone says a moped needs a "tune-up"?

Re: tune up?

See Ya Moped Army /

This is what I consider to be a tuneup. Bear in mind that there is no set definition of a tune-up:

clean carb, change spark plug, new inline filter, new fuel line if needed, clean and set points (replace points if too worn) and adjust timing if necessary, decarbonize piston head & exhaust port on cylinder and muffler, check compression, clean and lube chain and adjust chain tension, change tranny fluid with correct lubricant, check tire pressure, tighten down all nuts, screws and bolts, clean and lube both wheel bearings & steering head bearings and adjust tension.

I may have missed something, but this is what I consider a proper tuneup.

Re: tune up?

Jason Luther /

air filter-jason

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