Too Much Oil?

Howdy Yall,

I've got a '80 QT50 and I think that its injecting too much oil. Here are the symptoms:

-Exaust smoke is... smoky... not clear

-Does not like to run at an idle after a few miles

The two problems are inversly related though. When the engine is cold, the smoke problem is the most noticable, but it could idle forever. As the engine heats up though, the smoke seems to dissappear but the idle time goes to zero.

Does this mean that the injector is working too well?

Thanks in advance.

-Matt Freeman

Re: Too Much Oil?

-Exaust smoke is… smoky… not clear

It is a 2 stroke engine- it will smoke no matter what you do. You may try synthetic oil- it will reduce the smoke, but still do the job


Re: Too Much Oil?

On my bike, smoke is thicker when the engine is cold. I guess it's because the fuel/air mix is extreemly rich near idle. Starting mix with the cloke closed might be a 1-to-3 ratio of fuel to air (by weight). Idle mix is probably near 1-to-8. There's lots of extra gas and oil.

So, unburnt oil is all over the walls of the crankcase and in the exhaust until you warm things up and it burns away.

As far as the idle, it looks like all you need to do is get the bike really hot before you adjust the idle.

Adjusting the idle on a cold engine will make it idle just fine when the engine is cold.. but when it warms up it's gonna die.

Re: Too Much Oil?

Jason Luther /

yeah, adjust idle after the ped is warmed up, and if you cant get it to adjust properly with the idle screw, your throttle cable might need to be adjusted.-jason

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