My friend ask me to put on the road his old VESPA CIAO.

I clean all the carburator, change the spakplug. The plug make a nice fire.

The CIAO, start 1 kick pedal with the choke, but it realy hard to find a idle speed??

I always need to play with the trottle.

Very hard to start with no choke.

The compression in the cylinder is 100psi!

I don't know if it take air somewhere, i check the intake with the carb, everything look good.

Somebody have a idea ?

Thank's !


Bruce Wilkinson /

Bonjour, Inside the carb ventura is a brass tube with 2 small holes. Look below the 2 holes on the body of the carb and you will another tiny hole. This is the idle intake. Make sure the hole is not blocked. This hole is tiny and often missed. Blow the carb out with compressed air at the gas station.Au revoir, bruce


Alain L. /

I check this little hole, it's clean....

What it's suppose to be the compression in the cylinder ?

I have 100 psi hot!


Leon Swarmer /


Fire up the engine and have a helper keep it running. Take a small propane torch turn the propane on and don't light it. Run it around the carb, intake, and head gasket. If you are sucking in air in the wrong places, the propane will cause the ped to rev up as it finds the new fuel source. Of course, make sure there are no sparks around. and do it outside....


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