'78 PA50II hobbit just dies....

After starting and driving my hobbit a few miles it dies unexpectedly at full throttle. If I start it again, the bike runs but will cut out at full throttle (keeping it midway is fine). If I stop the bike and let it sit for just a few seconds (seriously), I can start it up and lay on the throttle and be just fine for a few miles or for the rest of the day. It's possessed, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to these occurrences.

(let me add that I just bought this bike and have only changed the spark plug and messed w/ my throttle and air intake. No other cleaning, etc has been done)

So, if any one can shed some light on my Hobbit problem I would be psyched.



Re: '78 PA50II hobbit just dies....

Has it ever died at any other point, other than full throttle? What kind of sound does it make before it dies?

Re: '78 PA50II hobbit just dies....

it runs smoothly than starts to buck like it's running out of fuel. sometimes it keeps going but at a crawl bucking the whole way and sometimes it bucks and then dies immediately. I have driven the ped many times today after putting up this post. It hasn't done it again today but very well could, or be fine untill tomorrow. It's sparatic



Re: '78 PA50II hobbit just dies....

i have a couple of them.. the carbs are extreemly sensitive. The entire fuel feed pathway needs tender loving care. Clean, freeflowing.. no fuel or vacuum leaks anywhere..

My memory aint perfect but every single running problem i can remember was traced to carburation. Mechanical/electrical and everything else seems pretty solid.

my guess is some sort of dirt is circulating through the carb.

Re: '78 PA50II hobbit just dies....

Mike Lumbert /

i had the same problem with my hobbit,the float would stick shut,and run just like you said.stop bike then the float would drop allowing fuel in. i bent my float down just a c/hair,and joew is right those carbs a touchy.


Re: '78 PA50II hobbit just dies....

Leon Swarmer /

don't forget to check your fuel cap vent.

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