My "Kustom" Puch 2-speed Tranny

Ok... So I finally got my Puch running this last Friday, just in time for the Decepticons BBQ. It's a 1978 Puch maxi with a 2-speed gearbox. I fired the thing up and ran it around for awhile. Before going to Kalamazoo, I went with some friends to Cleveland for a scooter rally and rode around with them. Bike had some jetting issues, but basically ran great.

On Sunday, I show up in Kalamazoo and unload the Bike, I ride it around for abit and pull up in front of a bunch of Moped Army kids, as I pull up and stop I'm revving the engine up. Let's Review: I'm sitting at a DEAD STOP without brakes, etc.. REVVING the engine up.

When I kill the engine, they come up and ask: "What did you do to your motor to get it to do that?" "Do What?" I respond. "Uhh...Rev up like that, just sitting there." "Umm..Nothing?" (Laughter)

Newsflash: 2-speed gearboxes aren't supposed to be able to rev at idle. I did not know this. On my bike I pull the clutch in to engage 1st Gear and let the clutch out once 2nd gear is engaged.

I put the engine together with the manual & blow-up diagrams right in front of me. I even double checked everything and matched torque settings. there were no 'extra parts' when I was done. The clutches were in excellent order, both pads and springs. Even though this is my first 2-speed gearbox, I'm not mechanically retarded. I've built much more complex scooter engines aplenty and even a Vespa Bravo motor.

SO: What gives? I've got a little over 50 miles on this freshly rebuilt engine, and even though it runs fine, it's obviously got something wrong with it. Does anyone know whats up?

Puzzled, but happy to have my own Moped,



Re: My "Kustom" Puch 2-speed Tranny

Are you saying it _always_ has a "neutral" effect while you are in either 1st or 2nd gear? Or did it happen just that one time.

If it happened only that once, i'll use my free guess ticket on.. Neither gear was engaged. The shifter was between gears or beyond the gears.

If it happens all the time and you don't have either 1st or 2nd gear, then .. i dunno.

Re: My "Kustom" Puch 2-speed Tranny

It is always in neutral -when I'm not holding in the clutch for first gear- or until it has enough speed to slide into second. I did use clutches from different engines, perhaps the uneven wear is the culprit? (Yes, I grabbed the right one) If I had my druthers, this is the way, I'd keep it. I'm just afraid my engine will explode.



Re: My "Kustom" Puch 2-speed Tranny

lemme see if i get this right.

Now it's always in neutral. But normally, sufficient engine RPM alone would engage 2nd gear even from a standing stop?

Since gears are changed manually, there is only one centrifugal clutch.

It's like the engine has magically sprouted a clutch devoted to second gear. It engages only when the rear wheel is pulling the chain/belt fast enough. (so 2nd gear won't engage from a standing stop).

Maybe you have put it together the way it's supposed to be and those friends don't know what they are talking about.. Since you have a manual shifter theres no reason to build a second clutch into the box that does the same job as the shifter...

You are way ahead of me as far as knowledge.. I really have no idea what happened.

Re: My "Kustom" Puch 2-speed Tranny

The Puch has two clutches, one for first, one for second, I think he is saying that the first speed clutch is not engaging at all, unless you are pulling the starter clutch handle, and it will not go into second gear from a dead stop beacause it doesn't go fast enough for the 2nd clutch to engage. it sounds to me like there is something in the first clutch that is not right that is keeping it from expanding from RPMs, but it will still expand when the lever is pulled to manually engage it. I can not think of any major damage that it would cause, other than possibly on the mechanism that operates the clutch via the lever, but that would just need to be replaced if it broke, no blowing up the engine.

Re: My "Kustom" Puch 2-speed Tranny

Michael Miehle /

It is a little odd, I have heard some crazy things from people who said they were knowledgable about things. I wouldn't sweat it. Ride the bike enjoy it, and pick a mileage like 100 or 150 to break it down and look for damage or wear and tear. What bike did the clutches come off of. Is there a centifugal clutch involved with first gear? It sounds like the bike will remain in neutral until the first gear is manually engaged this shouldn't be a problem if you don't do any nuetral drops.

Re: My

Gregory Mcintire /

The Puch 2 speed does have two centrifugal clutches. They both have to engage the common drum in order for the 2nd gear to work. But if the "roller ratchet" is assembled incorrectly the first gear clutch will not turn the transmission gear. But it will still allow the 2nd gear to engage.

Therefore, my guess is that the "roller ratchet" or "one way bearing" is not put together correctly or is somehow damaged. It is part of the large 1st gear assembly, with the left hand threaded nut and is assessable under the right side engine cover.

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