Moped Vandalized

Hey all,

My JcPenny Pinto 1979 moped had its right side snatched from it (but they were kind enough to leave the screws...ahhhh). Anyway, I am looking to see if anyone knows of where I can find a side, I cannot ride my bike without it (this is because I only have one pedal and without the side the chain falls off). So if ANYONE knows of anything, please email me...

Desperatly seeking repair for my transie...



Re: Moped Vandalized


Unfortunately side covers are hard too find for the Pinto. Try Mopedlar over at He is selling and parting out some bikes.

See if you can get a chain tensioner from or Check to see if they might have a side cover.

Also check Bill's moped salvage yard

and BJ at

Also check EBay

Re: Moped Vandalized

Ask Ben Stahl he took his off because he likes getting his body parts caught in the chain. Maybe he doenst want them. Is a Swinger2 the same as Pinto2?


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