pa50 petcock

I had to clean my tank and lines out 'cos some tool decided sand in the tank would be a good joke... anyway, I damaged the petcock (I think, may have lost a washer since it was dark out) and it leaks... is there some sort of product I could use to seal it while I search out a new petcock? A metal epoxy of sorts?

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i got a petcock for sale

tell me


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Angelo Massimino /

I'm interested- how much are you asking for the petcock delivered to Italy?

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Italy...humm, i woudl have to make a price, plus shipping...

give me news



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Mine was leaking earlier today because my 25yr old oring disentigrated. It was in the threaded fitting connecting the petcock to the tank. I went to walmart and pickked up a roll of plumbers tape and wrapped the threads and its sealed up tight.

Dont know what your system looks like but maybe this will work for you.

Good luck.

-Matt Freeman

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Martin Boulianne /

dude ! to clean a tank You have to remove everything!! even the petcok.

the cleanest job you can do is corse sand! a bit of fule and a bit of oil... as a mixture when shaking the tank around removes almost all of the rust...

after clean out the tank compleatly... and finaly clean it out with compressed air. until their is absolutle nothing left inside... the oil gas will leave a thin film to proteck the steel until it has good fuel in it...

This is a techique used by pro gas tank rebuilders....if tou have a bit more budjet you can use small ball berings as a replacement for the corse sand.

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