Not Getting Spark

my moped isn't getting a spark. i know for a fact that the connection from the plug all the way to the distributor is intact, i tested it with a multimeter and a dedicated circuit off the bike.

how can i check and see what the problem is either with the distributor or further back?

any help would be appreciated

Re: Not Getting Spark

are the points so badly out of adjustment that they never open and therefore never allow a spark?

The more details you provide about your bike the better someone can volunteer information.. At least provide the make and model and year.. any other details about it's condition and modifications, etc. are also helpful.

Re: Not Getting Spark

Michael Bernier /

Do you have points and a condenser or a CDI? If you have points and condenser, check out this link:

I had a weak spark problem on my '64 Sparta and ended up replacing everything from the spark plug back to the ignition coil.

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