fa50 throttle cable

I installed a new throttle cable on my fa50 and now when I give it gas it floods out and dies everything seems to be right but was wondering if I did something wrong or missed something

Re: fa50 throttle cable

is the choke opening when it should or is it stuck patially closed?

If all you played with was the cable and linkage i suspect the answer to the problem lies somewhere around there..

Re: fa50 throttle cable

I had to take the choke cable off to get the new throttle cable on and I have the choke pushed to the start postion when I start it and when I give it gas it dies

Re: fa50 throttle cable

my bike sometimes dies if i have the choke on (closed) and i give it gas. My choke automatically goes off (opens) if i turn it full throttle but like i said, sometimes it's just not ready for a lot of gas..

So, have you determined that the choke actually opens? You will probably have to look into the carburetor to be absolutely sure it opens.

And if and when it opens does the motor run OK or does it still flood and die?

Re: fa50 throttle cable

it still floods and dies

Re: fa50 throttle cable

The idle mix could be way off. If the idle mix screw is all the way in, there is zero air mixing with the fuel at idle. Such a rich mixture will not let it idle and will appear to be flooding. One turn out on the air screw is a good place to start. The throttle speed screw must also be out (or in) far enough to keep throttle open to the point where the engine is running.

the combination of playing with just those two adjustments can get an idle real low and smooth.

How about some history on the problems with this bike.. like when's the last time it ran right? If it ran OK before you changed the cable then you did do something wrong.. it's hard to guess exactly what.

you might rip it out and start over and maybe get lucky.

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