Replacement petcock?

Pete Gutierrez /

Mine is leaking and the plastic knob is stripped. Where can I get a new one? What else will work? It's for the same moped ('80 Motobecane 50VLA)


Re: Replacement petcock?

Hey Pete,

that petcock is a pain in the butt! I have two motobecane petcocks and they both have that same problem. I just bought a new one off ($20.00 plus $5.00 shipping). It hasn't come yet, so I cant tell you if its any good.

I tried a bunch of things to get the old petcock working again, but gas tends to eat through anything. My newest trick is to take off the switch and set the petcock to "on". Then put some two stage apoxy allover the petcock....except the hole the gas goes in and the hole it goes out. The gas is always on but I find the carb turns off the flow. You may get a little drip leak but not much.


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