Tomos Power

When I start riding my moped it will be able to get up hills and it has a good take off. After riding for 20 minutes it will go much slower when going up hills and the take off will be bad. If I let the moped sit for 20 minutes it will be back to normal and after 20 minutes the same thing keeps on happening. What could be the problem? Thanks

Re: Tomos Power

Your problem is the vent in the fuel cap is clogged. Try running the bike on the stand for a while and see if it just dies, then run it with the fuel cap off. If it keeps running then the problem is a clogged vent. Take the cap and carefully look for the small hole and ream it out with the end of a paper clip.

Had the problem with a new Tomos that just kept dying... I figured it out when the service tech spent 3 hours screwing around with it.

Good luck

Re: Tomos Power

i have kindof the same problem, check out "runs good... sometimes" by adam and see if any of my simptoms match yours

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