spark plug wire too long

ok i have a 1980 puch maxi luxe BUT the coil and wire is from a 1978 puch mkII

so since the wire is one foot too long i have to shorten it.

how do i do this?

im worried that if i mess with it the thing wont run then ill get pist.

will this increase my peds performance any?...

because my ped starts to stall at wide oped throttle

and it sort of sounds like the timing is off a little at idle

Re: spark plug wire too long

i once used a universal spark plug wire kit for a car. Wires were cut to whatever length you need and the kit supplied rubber booted connectors for each end. The boots had a crimp connection so you just cut and strip a wire, bend the wire over the cable, and crimp on the plug boot.

Go to the auto parts store and see what's available.. They probably have single boot repair kits.

Shortening the cable won't improve performance but it sounds like a ignition tune up will.

Re: spark plug wire too long

Jake Van Order /

Unscrew the spark plug cap off. Take a good pair of clippers and chop it off. Leave some extra room just in case. Screw spark plug cap back on.

This won't change anything performance wise.

About the dying at full throttle, that very thing happened to me today. It was very frustrating because many things can cause it and they are very generic problems. The causes can be:

Dirty carburetor

Bad Ignition Timing

Misc. Electrical Problems

Improper Gas/Air Ratio

After changing the carburetor and electrical system, I got rid of causes 1 through 3. I highly doubted that it was Improper Gas/Air Ratio because that just doesn't change over night but it had. I upjetted and it worked.

For you, though, I bet it's a dirty carburetor. Please refer to Fred's Guide to Repairing Mopeds. It's in the articles section of this site.

good luck.


Re: spark plug wire too long

so its a screw on connector?

my carb is not dirty i know that

so ill try to adjust the timing

and when at full oped throttle it does not try to dye, it just goes back to what feels like half open throttle.

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