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I got my Puch to start and everything but the problem is when I have it idling it cuts out. There is a gas leak coming out of the carburator around the adjustment screw. I was wondering if you think I need to buy a whole new carburator or is there something more simple than that?

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Buying a new carburetor because it leaks is like buying a new Puch because it doesn't idle.

Take the carb apart and fix whatever is causing the leaking. Then adjust the carb so the bike idles. Just stopping the leak may cure the idle problem.

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Jake Van Order /

What you need to do is take off the bowl at the bottom of the carburetor. Once inside of the bowl area, you'll see the float. It's yellow and round. Is this moving? This float rises up and pushes a needle up cutting off gas to the carburetor. If it's not moving, it won't work. If it is, try to push out the silver little pin that the float swivels on. You'll see a needle that is attached. The end should be metal or rubber. Is the end of this needle worn down? If so, it won't stop gas from coming in.

Here's a good test for this part. Take off the bowl (use a 14 mm wrench) and keep the gas line attached to the carburetor but turn off the petcock. With the carburetor level and upright, turn on the gas. Fuel should flow out of the bottom of the carburetor. Now swivel the float up. Does the fuel stop? It should completely. If not, you have a worn float needle or seized float.

When reassembling, make sure the little silver pin that the float swivels on is centered. If it's to the side and rubs against the bowl, it won't work properly.

Good luck


Re: Leak

Jason Luther /

put very little pressure on the float though. you can press up with a lot more force than there is from it floating. giving you a false negative. i bet dirty float needle is the problem.-jason

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